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Botox for Hair Pt.2

Botox for Hair, let us give you the benefits of Bio Anti Frizz Treatment. This hair treatment is based on the most advanced formula which is now being used on a vast scale for hair recovery and growth.  It is better and effective than most of the products that can be availed from the hair cosmetic market. Hair can become damaged due to wind, use of harmful chemicals, aging, dyes, flat iron and to a multitude of other reasons. With Bio Anti Frizz elements, you can reform your loved hair and can give them the highest degree of strength, true botox for hair.
The cosmetic effects that clay features continues to surprise experts throughout the world.  The clay treatment for hair care therapy has attained a lot of success and is currently termed as Bio Anti Frizz. It is clay treatment which allows you to induce life into the powerless and lifeless wires thus causing the hair to become brighter and healthier (like botox for hair). This natural hair care treatment or the Anti-Frizz hair treatment allows hair to gain elasticity and become brighter and stronger than ever. It replaces the damaged hair with bright looking hair, more botox for the hair.
Clay has established its repute as a great ally for hair and helps one to get rid of hair loss, dandruff and seborrhea. It has a history of being utilized in many aesthetic treatments, injury treatments, burn treatments and as a mummifying agent by civilizations such as the Egyptians, Arabs and the Greeks. Clay is also utilized in keratin hair treatment.
You may wonder why we keep referring to Botox for Hair, well thats easy. While clay may not be medicinal botox that has been used in cosmetics, it certainly is a natural botox for hair in the fact it gives you the same young effect without the harmful effects.
White Clay which is rich in elements such as aluminum and silicon has the effect of promoting the much needed oxygenation in different congested areas. It standardizes by mild exfoliation and also has a revitalizing and keratinization effect.
The treatment is especially beneficial for damaged hair which might have resulted from flat iron, dying or inappropriate chemistry services applied on hair. It restores their brightness and even the hairs which are lost.
Clay does not only soften, cleanse and revitalize your hair but also makes it longer, fuller and healthier; the true Botox of hair!
With green and white clay, there are a wide variety of VIP formulas which are being used for hair care therapy or hair treatment.

Clay as a botox for hair because of these key properties:

  • Manganese: it is an anti-allergic agent which also heals wounds.

  • Potassium: it is a buffer agent and also enables Muscle contraction.

  • Sodium:  it retrieves drowsiness, diarrhea, dizziness, depression, sadness and other ailments.

  • Magnesium: it is a hydrating agent and supports the building of Collagen fibers.

  • Aluminum: improves tone and texture of hair and the scalp.

  • Silicon: it facilities the rebuilding process of tissues and also moisturizes and purifies.

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