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Botox for Hair Pt.1

Botox for Hair has gained a lot of popularity because of their softening effects on the wrinkles or curls and because of its power to stop the expression marks. Hair Botox promises both these traits. JDP Paris Bio Anti Frizz elements comprise of an advanced formula which protects and recovers damaged hair. It is more productive and efficient than any of the moisture products that are available in the markets of hair cosmetics. It serves as a great hair treatment without any side effects whatsoever. Botox is given to the hairs to induce life and a younger feel in them which might have been lost due to factors such as aging, sun damage, repeated dying, flat iron and application of other harmful chemicals.

Where Science Meets Beauty

Botox for Hair with Jean de Perle

JDP Paris Bio Anti Frizz elements has the power to strengthen and reform your hair and induce the much attractive vibrancy in them. It acts as a hair care therapy which not only nourishes the hair from the outside but also from the inside. This hair treatment works by reducing the scales of hair and also reduces their volume. The pH value of this acidic hair care product is pH2 which suggests the degree to which a substance is alkaline or acidic. 0 to 5 on the pH scale suggests a highly acidic substance and 5 to 14 on the scale suggests a highly alkaline one. The pH of a conditioner is slightly acid. Those with mild acid value have an opposite effect towards alkalis and they flatten the hair cuticle resulting in making them shinier and easy to comb. It is believed that application of vinegar on hair after dying has the effect of increasing the sustainability of direct dyes and their special effects. It basically closes the hair cuticle and thus causing the color to stay in the cortex for longer period. So we know the effect of both acid and alkaline and we know how to use their pH for natural hair care treatment. This knowledge can be utilized for different types of hair treatment.
How to make your hair shinier with homemade recipes?

Ingredients needed: three egg whites

The first step in this treatment is to wash hair using a normal conditioner and a shampoo. Dry them thoroughly and remove any excess water. While the wires are still wet, apply the egg white causing the hair wires to cover completely. This application is more of a rinsing and the cleaning process should be given a time of at least fifteen minutes. Then just rinse it off thoroughly and the result will be super shinning and smooth hairs. This treatment can be applied once in 15 days or even once in every week.

How can one judge the health of hair?

Here are some parameters or indications which indicate towards weak or healthy hair.


  • Hair break suggests that the hairs have become weak and there will be lot of hair fall.

  • Hair becoming more rubbery and elastic.

  • Dryness of hairs suggests that the hairs have become weak.

  • Split ends start to appear.

  • Excess oil appearance on the wires.

  • The hair get dull.

  • Difficult in combing.

These symptoms are very common and in such cases, one should not waist time in going for a professional advice and treatment. Argil clay, Keratin Hair treatment or any other hair treatment which might be required for dull, dry or damaged hair should be always used under professionals’ help. Even though many of the symptoms for unhealthy, dry or dull hair are evident, but still many times you might not be able to see that the hair are getting weak. Always remember that the edges of the hair should be trimmed every three months in order to prevent their drying. We have the best hair care products and treatment lined up for any type of hair.

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