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Green Argil Clay

The first primary function that Green Argil Clay features is its absorbent action. It is widely used in products that are devised for hair treatment of oily hair.  The other primary function that it performs include; removal of dead cells, cleaning and closing of open pores and the oxygenation of the skin. Apart from being a detoxifier, powerful purifier and excess oil remover, it acts as an astringent and stimulates cell renewal.


Green Argil Clay in Products

The rich mineral contents and the structure that green clay features makes it very suitable for being used in cosmetics and hair care products. The elements or the components that it contains are calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, cobalt, selenium, aluminum, zinc, phosphorus and molybdenum.  It has a neutral pH which drives oxygen into the tissues thus promoting circulation and the debugging of toxins. Green clay has a French origin and the color that it possesses is due to the iron oxide which is linked with calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorous, manganese, copper, silicon, molybdenum, cobalt and selenium. The neutral pH combats hair and skin dryness, and makes it an antiseptic agent, emollient, healing and analgesic agent and an antibacterial agent. So overall it’s very beneficial for oily hair and skin.


Green Argil Clay and Jean de Perle

Jean de Perle makes use of this rich and beneficial mineral in our line of products. Making sure it is used in its purest form in order to make use of its full potential. Take a look into some of our products to find green Argil clay used as an ingredient. Not only will you love how green Argil clay is used to improve and straighten your hair, but you and your hair will thank our products for returning the natural lustre, strength and frizzless condition your hair needs.

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