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Anti Frizz Conditioner <br /> 250mL

The Hottest protector. This product will make sure your hair is always guarded from daily harm. The small size allows you to try our product and see what it can do for you.

$50.00 $42.00
Anti Frizz Conditioner <br /> 500mL

This conditioner is unlike any other conditioner you have ever used. It protects your hair with a thin natural layer. Doesn't take hours to rinse out and last twice as long as the other leading conditioners.

$75.00 $65.00
Anti Frizz Conditioner<br />1L

This product is the most essential part of any beauty routine. Enjoy it alone, with our line or with any other products. You've tried our smaller size and loved it, now enjoy 1L to save on shipping!

$85.00 $77.00
Anti Frizz First Shampoo<br />1L

Bio Anti Frizz First Shampoo is offered at a 1 Litre size here for your convenience. This is the most value for the price and is essential in the natural hair treatment routine!

$65.00 $55.00
Bio Anti Frizz Elements<br />1L

An innovative hair care system that restores all types of hair while controlling volume and frizz. Repair damages caused by chemical and styling processes. The composition includes essential amino acids which are compatible to human Hair and help lubricate and seal the cuticles.

$750.00 $680.00
Bio Anti Frizz Package 1 <br />Mixed

This is the first package of a long line of packages we introduced due to popular demand. This package makes it easy for everyone to see the benefits of the Jean de Perle product line. Let your hair enjoy health.

$300.00 $225.00
Bio Anti Frizz Package 10 <br />Mixed

The benefits of 1L of Elements and First will cut down how much Shampoo and Conditioner you need. You will receive by far the best results you have ever seen in your life. Don’t take our word for it, take most of Asia, Europe and Canadas word.

$850.00 $745.00
Bio Anti Frizz Package 2 <br /> Mixed

Jean de Perle Package 2 is here Canada. Introduced to you at a special price for a limited time. Why get just Elements when you can get all three products at a significant savings.

$760.00 $690.00
Bio Anti Frizz Package 3 <br /> Mixed

Do you really want to try our line of products but don't know what package to get? This is the package for you; enough for a trial, a lot for your hair. You will not believe how long the results will last from this package.

$425.00 $375.00
Bio Anti Frizz Package 4 <br /> Mixed

We know you love our Bio Anti Frizz Element so much. Thats why we provided a package that includes a larger size of Element and the medium size Shampoo and Conditioner. Enjoy your hair!

$800.00 $725.00
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